Fish Trails

Fish Trails (not to be confused with the Whitefish Trail mountain bike network!) is the name of the pedestrian bike path system throughout the town of Whitefish. At present there are about 12 miles of pahts in the Fish Trail system.

You can access the bike path just 2 blocks from Glacier Cyclery and ride to Whitefish Lake along the scenic Whitefish River. There is also bike path along Wisconsin Avenue starting from Edgewood (and the BN Loop) and going north paralleling busy Wisconsin Avenue all the way to Houston Point providing much safer access to the Big Mountain Road and the ride to the head of Whitefish Lake.

A bridge across the Whitefish River at the north end of the Rocksund section of the River Trail was completed in 2009. This bridge and a section of trail continues along the east bank of the river along city property and connects to Monegan Road. From Monegan riders can ride through Creekwood Subdivison and get to Whitefish Christain Academy, Muldown, and Whitefish High School.

This trail provides Whitefish youth and a whole bunch of others safe bicycle access from town and the schools all the way out to the Smith Fields soccer and baseball fields!

The Whitefish Trail

The ribbon cutting ceremony for this new trail took place in July 2010. It is part of a proposed 55 mile non-motorized multi-use trail system that one day will circle Whitefish Lake. The Whitefish Trail restores access from downtown Whitefish to historical mountain biking areas around Beaver Lake on a flowy, intermediate level singletrack. Currently there are 7 completed sections: a 4-mile Lupfer Loop, the 5-mile Skyles Connection, the 12.5-mile Lion Mountain section, a 3-mile Swift Creek Section, west 4.5-mile Woods Lake Loop and Whitefish Lake Overlook, and NEWLY COMPLETED IN 2017 the 5-mile Haskill Basin section that connects to the base area of Whitefish Mountain Resort. If you are in town for a wedding, attending a conference, or sick of golf, this is a must do ride! Rent a bike at Glacier Cyclery and in minutes after leaving the store you will be on the Whitefish Trail. Snow-free first, snow-packed last!

Spencer Mountain Trails

The Spencer Mountain trails 4 miles west of Whitefish offer some sweet ‘close-to-town’ singletrack loops that offer a bit more of a technical challenge than does the Whitefish Trail. Spencer has miles of trails with some steep climbs, super fun descents and an increasing amount of man-made berms, jumps, and wooden features on some of the trails. Long shrouded in the ‘grey area’ of legality, the Spencer Mountain trails recently gained legitimacy due to the tireless efforts of the Flathead Fat Tires. The Spencer trails are usually snow-free from mid-April to mid-November. Shred ’em.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort, formerly known as ‘the Big Mountain’, is not only a world-class ski area, but an ever-growing summer destination for some of the best resort style riding to be had. With both downhill and cross country terrain, lift-accessed and not, most riders will be able to easily find trails that suit their riding ability. Want a workout with some of the best views in the valley? Try the Summit Trail, a meandering 8-mile trail that climbs the near half mile of vertical up ‘the Big Mountain’.

Want lift-accessed DH trails? WMR has some of the best that there are including, but not limited to, Freebird, a challenging berm and jump thrill-ride down the face of ‘the Big’; Runaway Train, a more technical challenge with some awesome terrain, and Kashmir, a sculpted bermfest that spits you out at the top of some of the resort’s classic DH trails. Depending on snowfall, the lifts are typically up and running for mountain biking around mid-June and usually run through mid September.