Bike fitting has been a service Glacier Cyclery has offered to its customers since its inception in 1981. Bikes are very adjustable and a bike that properly fits you will be more comfortable to ride as well as allow you to achieve a higher level of performance. If you want more comfort, more pedaling efficiency, or to prevent potential injury there’s nothing more effective than a correct fit.

Our philosophy of bike fit is based on each unique combination of rider and bicycle and focuses on adapting the bicycle to work with the rider’s center of gravity, riding style, body type and medical history. While we don’t use one specific type of fit “system”, we draw on techniques championed by people like Paul Swift and Dr. Andrew Pruitt.

Our fit staff has fit over 500 riders and we pride ourselves on our professionalism, experience, and ability to work with ALL types of bikes and riders. Proper bike fit is an important step toward fully enjoying your cycling experience, regardless of the kind of riding you do.

Call to set up an appointment, get a quote or simply to talk with our fitters to see if our services can address the issues you’re having with your bike!

A complete fitting session takes 2 or more hours and starts at $100.