“I was just riding my bike when …”

Over 37 years ago, Glacier Cyclery began its life as a service only shop. Through the years, Glacier Cyclery has grown to be one of the largest shops in the wonderful state of Montana. However, our roots are still founded in service and we pride ourselves on being one of the best equipped, well staffed, most capable bicycle service shops under the stars.

In our attempt to keep abreast of the latest technology, we continue to receive training through manufacturer’s seminars, classes, and manuals. We use professional tools and time-tested techniques to provide you with the best bicycle repair and maintenance possible. Our mechanics are trained to the highest level of competence. For some this takes a matter of hours, for others it’s a lifelong learning process.

Service Menu


  • Blue Plate Special (Safety Tune-Up) – $59
    Our ‘light’ menu option includes adjustment, tune, and lubing, where needed of your braking and shifting systems. All nuts, bolts, parts & accessories are secured. Entire bike is checked then re-checked for any pressing safety issues, frame and fork are wiped down and minor cobwebs removed
  • BLT Basic Little Tune (Basic Tune-Up) – $79
    This repair, adjust and tune option comes with all the trimmings of the Blue Plate Special PLUS your cables smothered in an ‘mmm-mmm good’ sauce of lube; bearing adjustments on your headset, bottom bracket, and hubs, where applicable; a generous portion of wheel truing (lateral), and is topped off with a wiping down of your frame, fork and components. Yummy!!!
  • Full Enchilada (DeluxeTune-Up) – $119
    The Mother of all Tune-Ups! Includes all the courses of the BLT PLUS your drive train components (chain, cogset, chainrings) will be removed and slowly marinated and cleaned in our own secret sauce (solvent). This option also includes a more than ample portion of wheel truing including both radial and lateral truing. Is your bike hungry for a tune-up? The Full Enchilada is just the ticket.
  • Full Meal Deal (Trail Tune) – $209
    GET ME A BUCKET!!!! Not to be confused with our tune-up packages, the Trail Tune is a complete overhaul, a veritable smorgasbord of cleaning, lubing, greasing, repair, adjusting and tuning. This includes all of the courses and trimmings of the Whole Enchilada PLUS your headset, bottom bracket, and hubs are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with a provocative sauce of white lithium grease, evoking the flavors and textures of a smooth, new ride. Not for the feint of heart, gut or wallet, The Full Meal Deal will not leave your bike wanting. 

*All entrees include a side order of free air for your tires, safety inspection, test ride and a phone call to let you know when your order is up.

**All entrees are subject to a shop supply charge. This charge can run from $1.00 to $2.00 and covers chain lubes, greases, shop rags, band-aids, and various medications for your highly skilled bicycle technicians. Hey, it’s better than a 15% gratuity charge.

***Special orders and side orders don’t upset us. In fact, we highly encourage them. Want to add something to your order? Fork or rear shock overhaul perhaps? Take a look at our scrumptious side order and dessert menus and please let your waiter or waitress know what you want. We are happy to assist with your bike’s special dietary needs.


  • Fork Oil (Draught) – One dose $7
    2.5, 5, 10, 15, or 20 weight. A large enough amount of liquid to quench all but the thirstiest of forks. (Some large volume, triple clamp forks require a double dose.)
  • Brake Fluid Smoothie – $1.25 to $3.75
    Better than a double shot of wheatgrass, but what isn’t? Your brake system’s choice of vegan (mineral oil) or our life-threatening graveyard mix (DOT $)!!!
    Enough fluid for one brake bleed.
  • Chain Lube – FREE!
    Squeaky chain got you down? We’ll lube it up and wipe it down giving you a smooth, squeak-free ride.

SIDE ORDERS(most frequently requested items)

  • Fork clean, Lube, and Inspection –
    $45 minimum

    We’ll pull those lower legs, clean out all that old grease and oil, inspect the fork for damage and/or problem areas and then reassemble the fork with a fresh basting of super slick fork lube. All suspension forks require this service at least annually.
  • Fork Overhaul – $60/hr
    This order is necessary on those oft neglected or more intricate forks. Need bushings replaced or all of the old oil cycled out of your damper chambers? This is the order for you! We’ll completely disassembled your fork, thoroughly clean and inspect all of the components, replace necessary parts (parts=extra $), then reassemble the fork and have it working as good as new. This one usually requires an order from our beverage menu.
    Mmmm! Buttery smooth!
  • Rear Air Shock Clean, Lube, and Inspection – $30 to $45
    A required annual service on most air shocks, this order will have your shock feeling just like it did when you first bought it. We’ll disassemble the main air chamber on your shock, check and replace seals if necessary (parts=extra $), baste those parts in our super slick secret sauce, reassemble the shock, and top it off by performing our hydrogen-oxygen immersion test to check for any leaks. Don’t try this one at home!
  • Drivetrain Clean – $60
    We’ll remove your chainrings, cogs, and chain and marinade them in our solvent tank until they’re shiny clean and oh-so-tasty. While they’re soaking, we’ll thoroughly clean your front and rear derailleurs, and once reassembled, we’ll give that chain a demi-glaze of the lube of your choice.
  • Wheel Tacos (Wheel Truing) – $12 to $25
    Are your wheels out of whack? We can get ’em as straight and true as they’ll ever be. We’ll true them laterally and radially, check your dish, and check your spoke tension.
    Did I mention that we even lube your nipples (spoke)?
  • Full Wheel Deal (Wheel Build) – $60
    So the taco deal just won’t do? How about a completely new wheel? Our wheel builders are some of the finest in the business. We’ll build it up, give it a lateral and radial truing, dish the rim, and tension the spokes to the proper specification (parts=extra $).
    Mmmmm! Curiously strong wheels!
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment with Hanger Alignment – $15
    One of our most oft requested menu items, this one will have your rear derailleur shifting like butter. We’ll align your derailleur hanger, secure the bolts on the removable type, set your high and low limit screws, lube the pivots, and adjust cable tension. Ooooohhh, deliciously smooth shifting! Try a new cable and housing with this one for the ultimate shifting delicacy!
  • V-brake and Cantilever Brake Adjustment – $13 / wheel
    Can’t stop? Our brake adjustment will have you stopping quicker than a Jenny Craig dropout at the buffet counter. We’ll lube your pivots, cables, and noodles, adjust the spring tension, deglaze those brake pads, and adjust pad angles, toe-in and lever reach for that smooth, predictable brake feel you love.
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – $35 minimum
    Do mushy, ill-performing brakes have you down? This is just the ticket for your disc brake woes. We’ll check your calipers, hose, lever, and fittings, then we’ll bleed your brakes to remove all the air bubbles from your system. This item requires an order from our beverage menu. Yummy! Fresh, firm, predictable braking power!
  • Box and Ship Bike – $60
    Are you traveling to different parts of the country to sample some unusual palatable delights? Taking your bike? Or are you returning home after sampling our local delicacies? Let us lovingly wrap your bike, box it up, and ship it to wherever you’re traipsing off.


  • Bearing Adjustment
    Front Hub ……….$12 • Rear Hub ………..$15 • Headset Adjust ………$8 • Bottom Bracket ……..$10
    Whether it’s your wheels, headset, or bottom bracket, our adjustment will leave your bearing feeling creamy smooth. Wheel bearings are compression adjusted.
  • Clean Chain – $10
    Is that filthy chain leaving rookie marks on your finely sculpted right calf? We’ll remove it, marinade it in our special solvent, scrub it clean, blow it dry, reinstall it, and baste it with your choice of chain lube.
  • Flat Tire Repair
    Wheel only ……..$5 + tube, Wheel on bike …………$9.00 + tube
    We don’t patch ’em. We take that flat and turn it into a robust, well-rounded roller. We’ll remove your tire & tube, find the cause of the flat, remove or repair said cause, check your rim strip, install your freshly purchase tube, seat your tire, and inflate the whole shebang to the optimal pressure. By far our most frequently requested menu item.
  • New Tire Installation
    Price is same as above …………… + New Tire
    Quite similar to our above offering, differing only in the outer casing, i.e. your new tire. There’s nothing quite like the feel of new rubber whether on trail or tarmac.