• Joe LaRiche

    Joe is fairly new to Whitefish, having arrived fresh-faced and chipper from Northville, Michigan. Joe burst into song on something like his second day on the job, confirming that we had made the right choice in hiring our new mechanic. As you might imagine coming from such a crooner, Joe is also a multi-instrumentalist. Joe likes snowboarding, cellos, coming up with new soup recipes, and can pretend to speak 30 different languages. Joe, being multifaceted, likes day long singletrack rides as well as short and sweet hammerfests, both of which he shreds on a Vassago VerHauen. Rigid. With a 29+ front tire. Which is kind of like a little suspension, but not really. Whilst pedaling around town, Joe pilots a belt-drive Trek District. You can tell it’s Joe because he has a milk crate mounted to the rear rack. And he’ll probably be singing.

  • Vanessa Gailey

    Vanessa Gailey came to Whitefish by way of Crested Butte, CO, where she learned to shred on the legendary singletrack. Vanessa worked in Glacier National Park in ’91 and, apparently, it made an impression on her. We’re quite glad she returned as she is a welcome, good-natured addition to Glacier Cyclery’s staff. Vanessa last worked at a local endurance nutrition company and once lived on nothing but Recoverite, gel, and electrolyte replacement pills for two months. Vanessa holds a degree in journalism and in her spare time practices freelance graphic design. She also has a rad husband named Chuck who happens to be the main reason that Vanessa will ride a road bike, being first and foremost a lover of dirt. Vanessa’s stable includes a Surly Krampus with 3″ tires (for bikepacking!), a Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er mountain bike just to prove that short girls can love 29″ wheels, a Kona Wo fat bike, a Trek Madone road bike and a 1970 Raleigh 3-speed.

  • Michael Meador

    Michael came to Glacier Cyclery in 1997 from Oregon in hopes of trading rain for snow. Mike enjoys cooking, riding slow, snowboarding, procrastination, weight fluctuations, controlled explosions and short bicycle tours. Mike dislikes telemarketers, politicians, and haircuts. Mike leads a contented life and lives with his lovely wife, two boys and a couple of ill-behaved pets. Mike doesn’t have a garage, he has a basement which contains a Burley Hudson touring bike on which he’s slayed a deer, an ’87 Fat Chance which he should sell but believes is worth more than it actually is, a Jamis Dragon 29, a Kona Wo fattie, and a Santa Cruz Bronson which, if you haven’t heard, is an ‘enduro’ bike, ‘enduro’ being a key word this year in the bike biz.

  • Tyler Tourville

    Tyler hails from Wisconsin and has been a Glacier Cyclery fixture since 2001. Tyler, his wife Brandy, and son Tiptin live up near Canada which helps in explaining Tyler’s obsession with the procurement of firewood. Tyler’s other obsessions include the gathering of huckleberries, the storage of huckleberries, and cooking with huckleberries. Tyler also enjoys snow removal, Coca-Cola, ultra-violent video games, and cycle commuting 40 miles a day which he frequently does aboard either his steel Kona Rove gravel grinder or his Kona Big Kahuna depending on whether he craves tarmac/dirt road mix or soil on his ultra-endurance commute. When shredding singletrack, Tyler pilots a Kona Satori with it’s HUGE 29″ wheels. Old school.

  • Mark Ambre (Hombre)

    Growing up in what he calls “Babylon on the Potomac”, Mark discovered early on that bicycling was his favorite form of transportation – especially when the destination was a river to paddle, a cliff to climb, a mountain to ski, or a wave to surf. He mentions Jack Kerouac and Goran Kropp as influences. Mark has toured through 44 states, 5 provinces and a tiny bit of Mexico. He was the Izaak Walton Inn’s ski pro for 20 years and has spent a dozen summers surfing and working at bike shops in California. Currently Mark’s two-wheelers include a 1964 Schwinn Tiger, a Surly Cross Check that looks as old as the Schwinn, a folding Dahon that he thinks is cool because Amtrak counts it as carry-on baggage, and a Kona Unit single speed (soon to have gears and a Jones Bar) on which he embarks upon day long adventures of epic proportions.

  • Pete “The Puma” Siudara

    Pete rode through Whitefish in 2003. He returned to work as a backcountry ranger in Glacier Park in 2005. Pete likes long walks on the beach, long rides across continents, electronic music, backcountry skiing, is an avid photographer and excels at bathing his subjects in light. Check out Pete’s awesome photo skills at Pete Siudara Photography on the Facebooks. The Puma is a highly skilled mechanic and shreds a Kona Hei Hei DL 29 whilst enjoying the dirt and rides one of those epic adventure Jones Bar-clad Surly Ogre bikes when enjoying bikepacking into the great unknown.

  • Martin Emmot

    Martin and his wife, Megan, recently moved to Whitefish from Fort Collins, CO. Martin was tired of his 45-minute commute to work so he moved 1000 miles away so he could walk to work. Martin was once a Toyota mechanic, a skill which will more than likely be called into action around here more than once. Martin has a HUGE tool box which unfortunately, is locked. Martin likes target shooting, horses (not target shooting at horses, mind you), and riding one of the sweetest fat bikes in the Valley, his Surly Ice Cream Truck, with which he hopes to combine skiing, kayaking, and the like. Martin’s stable includes the aforementioned Surly, a Kona Process 111, a Niner MCR9, and a couple of older road bikes which he will undoubtedly be encouraged to call ‘Cino bikes’. Martin doesn’t have any new bikes in the foreseeable near future and this is a fact which bums him out.

  • Ron & Jan Brunk

    Ron & Jan started Glacier Cyclery in 1982 and have been going strong ever since. Ron was once a potter, bakes a delicious scone, and rolls in a ’72 MGB which he restored. As of late, he also seems to have developed a propensity for bikes we used to refer to as “old ten-speeds” (See ‘Cino’). Jan can ride a unicycle and can also play the accordion, two talents which seem best combined. The Brunks enjoy tandeming (conjoined cycling), XC skiing, and working on their days off (running a successful business). The Brunks are veterans of cycle touring and have pedaled a few enviable multiple-day rides. The Brunks’ garage contains an Ibis Cousin It tandem, a Miyata unicycle, a Kona Hei Hei DL 29er, a Kona Jake the Snake, a Giant Defy Advanced carbon road machine, a Santa Cruz 5010, a Jamis Nova, and scores of ‘Cino’ bikes (which we used to refer to as “old ten-speeds”).