Same great, expert bicycle service, maintenance, and repair that you love, we just bring the shop to you!

Glacier Cyclery began as a service only shop in 1983.

Throughout the years we have grown into something larger and more awesome, but our roots are still founded in the excellent service that we provide.  Our venture into mobile bicycle service & repair aims to make your life easier.

Our mobile van was lovingly built out by Glacier Cyclery mechanics and is equipped to enable those mechanics to perform most maintenance and repairs in a timely fashion at your convenience. Schedule an appointment and we’ll come to your house, office, place of work, barn, bike shed, church, school, lean-to,  brewery, or tavern and have your bike serviced and finely tuned without you ever having to lift a finger (besides clicking a few buttons/keys).

How it Works

Simply click on the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ button, and follow the prompts. Enter your zip code and choose an available date that works for you. Choose the service that you’d like us to perform and choose a time of day (a.m./p.m.) for your convenience. You’ll be prompted to tell us a little about your bike. The more that you can tell us (make/model, year, componentry, problems, weird noises, etc.) the better. You can even upload photos of your steed.

Don’t know squat about your bike?
No problem, we’ll still show up ready to tune! Enter your cc# for deposit purposes, preferred method of contact and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to finalize your appointment.

Safety Tune $79
Bike inspection, bike wiped down, derailleur alignment & adjustment, brakes adjusted, nuts, bolts, parts, and accessories secured, chain lubed, tires inflated, test ride.

Basic Tune $99
Safety Tune plus: headset adjustment, bottom bracket adjustment, hub bearing adjustment, lateral wheel truing.

Deluxe Tune $139
Basic Tune plus: drivetrain cleaned, lateral & radial wheel truing, spokes tensioned, frame and parts cleaned.

Trail Tune $229
Performance Tune plus: suspension fork clean & lube with seal replacement, rear shock clean & lube with seal replacement, suspension pivot inspection and adjustment, disc brake system flushed and bled.

* Parts not included in Tune Up packages.
* A minimum charge of $100.00 is required for a skilled technician to arrive at your specified location.
This can be spread out over multiple bikes, etc. Invite a friend!

Ala Carte Services:

These represent a mere smattering of services available. Feel free to ask questions and/or mix and match services.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleed $48.00
($30.00 w/tune up)
Rear Derailleur Adjustment $19.00
Headset Adjustment $10.00
Install Tube/Tire $11.00
(includes wheel removal and installation)
Install Tubeless Tire $12.00
(includes wheel removal and installation)
Size/Install New Chain $10.00
Install Handlebar Tape $15.00
Rear Shock Service $40.00
Fork Service $80.00
(damper rebuild may be extra)
Dropper Seatpost Rebuild $80.00

Got a bike that we’re coming to tune up and want to throw in a derailleur adjustment on another bike?
No problem! As long as the $100 labor minimum is met, we can perform work on as many bikes as you wish.

* Prices do not include parts.


How far will the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van wield it’s magic?
We’ll service most of the Flathead Valley. Give us a call if you’re out of the range of the scheduler.

What kind of bikes does the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van service?
We’ll work on almost anything! We service mountain, commuter, road, touring, and kids bikes. We service some e-bikes. It might be hard to fit a tandem, or certain recumbents, or certain tandem recumbents into the mobile van, but give us a call because we just might give it a go!

The scheduler doesn’t have any dates available that work for me. How do I schedule an appointment that fits my needs?
The Flathead Valley is a big valley. As such, it doesn’t always work to travel to the far flung regions for one service request. But if you give us a call, my bet is that we’ll be able to work something out.

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay for your service or repair once it’s completed with cash, check, or credit card.

If the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van is coming to my house, do I need to be there for my appointment?
Yes, someone should be present to show us to the bike, approve of the services performed and provide payment once the work is completed.

What if, during the repair, my bike needs a part that the van doesn’t have in stock?
Although the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van is well equipped, there will be some instances where we just don’t have the right part. In that case we will either take the bike with us to Glacier Cyclery and return it once the repair is completed, or we will schedule a return trip at no extra expense to finish the repair once we have the part. We will work with you to make it convenient for you and to get your bike to you as quick as possible.

Will the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van assemble my bike that I bought online?
No! Just kidding, of course we will. We love bikes and want to get you out riding.

Does the Glacier Cyclery Mobile Van have a minimum service charge to come to my house or business?
Yes. We ask that schedule at least $100.00 of repair work. This is a great chance to get everything dialed in on your bike. Or schedule a family member or friend’s bike along with yours.